Photo Contest 2016 Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 ASGC Photography Contest.

Click on any thumbnail picture below to see the actual picture and details about the photograph and photographer.

Thank you, Professor Linda Bourassa, Gelbke Fine Art Center, Hiram College for judging our contest.  Click here to see Professor Bourassa’s comments.

Grand Prize-01Grand Prize-02
The Grand Prize is awarded to Cole Soldo for his three outstanding photos.
Birds-01Birds - 1st Prize
Daniel Zaas
Birds-02Birds - 2nd Prize
Kathleen Price
Birds-03Birds - 3rd Prize
Ann Sonnendecker
FineArt-01Fine Art - 1st Prize
Doug Bryant
FineArt-02Fine Art - 2nd Prize
Mary Defer
FineArt-03Fine Art - 3rd Prize
Katherine Petey
Landscapes-01Landscapes - 1st Prize
Rob Swaney
Landscapes-02Landscapes - 2nd Prize
Irene Reti
Landscapes-03Landscapes - 3rd Prize
Kathy Cochran
PeopleInNature-01People in Nature - 1st Prize
Brad Imhoff
PeopleInNature-02People in Nature - 2nd Prize
Lauren Tullis
PeopleInNature-03People in Nature - 3rd Prize
Clyde Witt
youth-01Youth - 1st Prize
Madisyn Weaver
youth-02Youth - 2nd Prize
Katie Cochran
youth-03Youth - 3rd Prize
Sarah Cochran