2018 Officers and Trustees


Tomko2President - Jim Tomko*: Chair, Sanctuary and Field Trips Committees, member of Important Birding Area (IBA) and Newsletter Committees; Spring Birdwalk Leader.
Zabor2Vice President - Stephen Zabor*: Member Finance, Sanctuary, and Newsletter Committees.
CLillich2Secretary – Carol Lillich*: Member of the Sanctuary, Field Trips, and Newsletter Committees. Schedules Gates Mills Spring Bird Walks.
Weber2Treasurer - John Weber*: Chair, Finance Committee; member Newsletter Committee.


Bob BartolottaBob Bartolotta: Member of Sanctuary and Newsletter Committees.
Cochran2Kathy Cochran: Co-Chair Education Committee and member, Newsletter Committee.
DeBroux2Alison DeBroux: Chair, Education and Communications Committees.
Demyan2Mark Demyan: Member, Finance and Newsletter Committees.
JLillich2John Lillich: Member Sanctuary, Field Trips, and Newsletter Committees. Gates Mills Spring Bird Walk Leader.
Mabey2Sarah Mabey: Member IBA, Education, and Newsletter Committees.
JMalmisur2Joe Malmisur: Member, Important Birding Area Education and Newsletter Committees; and, Ed Center and Rental House Maintenance Sub-committee.
Orr2Penny Orr: Member Education, Sanctuary, and Newsletter Committees, and Programs Sub-committee.
Salomon2Mary Salomon: Member Important Birding Area, Sanctuary, and Newsletter Committees.
Shaw2Bud Shaw: Member Education, Sanctuary, and Newsletter Committees.
Webster2Harvey Webster: Chair, Programs Sub-committee; member Education and Newsletter Committees.

* Executive Committee member

Trustees are elected at ASGC’s annual meeting (usually held in June) by the general membership. Terms are typically three years and trustees are elected on a rotating basis.