Speaker’s Bureau

Topics Available from Our Speaker’s Bureau (as of 2/8/2017)

Owls of Ohio: 12 species of owls have been spotted in Ohio. Several are residents, some are migrants and a few are accidental visitors. Interesting owl trivia will be revealed. Some tips on how, when and where to spot owls will be shared. (This is a power point presentation and no live owls will be exhibited)

Don’t Touch That Nest (or can you)!: Did you know that you may be breaking a federal law by disturbing nesting birds or possessing a feather or egg collection? Learn about the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1916 and how it is intertwined with the beginning of the National Audubon Society.

Chagrin River IBA: The National Audubon Society has identified the Chagrin River Valley and its tributaries as an Important Bird Area (IBA). Learn why this area is of such interest and what threats it has to withstand. See what wildlife and native plant life share this rich habitat and how you can help protect this treasure.

Birds of NE Ohio: Over 200 species of birds can be found in NE Ohio in a typical year. Some are year-round residents and others just pass through on their way to the Boreal Forests of Canada. Others fly across the Gulf of Mexico non-stop to have their babies in our back yards! Get a close up look at 100 of the most common residents, migrants and breeding birds of NE Ohio and learn where and when to find them. Approximately 1 hour in length.

Warbler Warm-up: Some of the prettiest birds on the planet are in NE Ohio from April through October. Most just pass through during May on their way north, but some stay here to have their babies. Because we only see them for a short time every year we forget how to quickly identify them. This presentation uses actual photographs to help group birds by appearance AND preferred habitat. See all the warblers with eye rings on one slide. Learn about behaviors like tail wagging, skulking on the ground and walking along branches to help narrow down choices. You will learn to appreciate trilling, buzzy and high-pitched songs to narrow down birds you hear but can’t see. We even send you home with a list of mnemonics like zay zay zay zoo zee (Black-throated Green Warbler). Approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours in length.

BSA Bird Study Merit Badge for Boy Scouts: An interactive two hour presentation using actual bird photographs to learn and reinforce the concepts found in Requirements 1, 2, 3 & 4 in the Bird Study Merit Badge Book. When presented at the Novak Education Center (Aurora, OH) a 1/2 hour Bird Walk can be added to practice new skills and fulfill parts of requirements 5, 6 & 7. With some pre-planning, Requirement 8 can be done before the program and proof of completion brought to the counselor. Two
BSA approved Merit Badge Counselors are members of Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland.

Extraordinary Adaptations: The Science and Wonder of Migration: The migratory life is more than just an easy trip to the sunny tropics. Migration is a demanding and dangerous endeavor. Learn how migratory birds meet the challenges of life on the move and how scientists are uncovering their extraordinary adaptations.

A Bird’s Eye View: The Sensory World of Birds: Did you know that a bird’s eyesight is more than seven times keener than yours? Birds experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the world in a radically different way than we do. Learn about some of the amazing ways birds make sense of their environment.

Hach Otis and Pleasant Valley: A History: Pleasant Valley from 1830s to present and Hach-Otis from 1942 to present. Pleasant Valley is the area that the Hach-Otis Sanctuary surrounds and sits in. The main branch of the Chagrin River flows through the valley. Lots of nature photos. 48 slides, about 45 to 60 minutes.

Summer Birds of NE Ohio: Did you know that more than 50 species of birds travel hundreds, even thousands, of miles each spring just to raise a family in NE Ohio? One species, the Bobolink, flies 4,500 miles one-way from Paraguay/Uruguay to the hay fields of Geauga and Portage Counties. This one-hour presentation showcases 50 species of “Summer Visitors” through 180 photographs of adult birds, babies, nests and habitats. You will hear songs and calls, some sweet and musical like the Yellow Warbler and others harsh like the Green Heron, and learn many interesting anecdotes about individual species.

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