Photo Contest File Name Examples

Be sure your file is in jpg format. 

If  your picture is not named correctly or not in jpg format sized per the rules document, your photo will not be judged!

Photos/Files must be named in the following format:


IDs are N for Nature, B for Birds, C for Cell Phone, and Y for Youth.

Number is simply 1 for your first photo, 2 for your second, etc.  The number can not be greater than 10.

Please note: If you use a file name that you have used before, the previous file will be overwritten.

For example, Jane Doe enters a photo in the Birds category.  Her first photo must be named Doe-Jane-B-1.jpg.  If her second photo is also in the Birds category, it would be named Doe-Jane-B-2.jpg.  If she enters a third photo but this time in the Cell Phone category it would be named Doe-Jane-C-3.jpg.

If her son Bill entered a photo in the Youth Division he would name it Doe-Bill-Y-1.jpg.

Photo/File names are case insensitive. Either Doe-Bill-Y-1.jpg or doe-bill-y-1.jpg is fine.