Chagrin River Bird Quest


3rd Annual Team Birding Challenge
in support of the Chagrin River Corridor IBA


Bird Quest Ambassadors: The Common Loons & Blackbrook Listless Listers
Most Habitats Visited: Blackbrook Listless Listers
Youngest Team (average age): Blue Footed Braunies (11.2 years)
Most Waterfowl Species: The Three Musketeers (6)
Longest Distance Traveled: Blue Footed Braunies (235 miles)
Rarest Bird: Bird Brains (gray-cheeked thrush)
Most Creative Team Name: Siblings Guide to the Birds (team of 2 sisters)
Most Species, 3rd place: Blackbrook Listless Listers (56)
Most Species, 2nd place: tie– GPD Nat Catchers, Blackbrook & Blue Warblers (64)
Most Species, 1st Place: Blackbrook Bombers (71)

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated!

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2016 Bird Quest winners!